Freemason hosted Spaghetti Dinner

For the month of August (2017), the Guardians converged upon the city of Lakeland. Their journey brought them to a large building constructed of white marble, believing they had been invited to a spaghetti dinner hosted by a kindly Fraternity of Brothers.

Our heroes, not knowing what to expect, were very cautious to enter. For this was no ordinary Fraternity the building sheltered, this Lodge belonged to the secret society known as the “Freemasons “. The Guardians of Justice had assembled a talented team and were ready for what may await them inside. “66 Batman and U.S Agent were first to enter the halls,

Heroes show up for Orlando Neurofibromatosis Walk

Everyone was a hero at the Orlando NF Walk. The event, designated for the awareness and treatment of neurofibromatosis, was heavily themed for superheroes down to the last detail. Neurofibromatosis is a condition that causes tumors to form on the nerves, brain, and spinal cord. There is currently no cure, but there is a range of treatments that can be scary and invasive for young children. These NF Heroes are very brave.

The Orlando NF Walk proved heroes come in all ages, sizes, and walks of life. Children in capes eagerly greeted the Guardians of Justice with smiles and requests for photos.

3rd Year at Autism Family Fun Day

Every year that we have had the pleasure of attending the Autism Family Fun Day in Clermont, it has been an amazing experience! This event is a treasure trove of resources for families with children and adults living within the Autism Spectrum. Be sure to check it out in the future!

A Perfect Day for A Super Hero Walk with OaSN

The Guardians of Justice were not the only Superhero’s at Ocala’s 4th Annual Outreach autism Services Network’s Best Outcomes Walk which has been dubbed OaSN Super Hero Autism Walk after the Guardians made such a lasting impression on the walk last year.

OaSN utilizes this Autism focused walk each year to help raise funds for their organization and to have a little extra fun. Outreach Autism Services Network Inc. ™, (formerly Ocala Autism Support Network), OASN, is a nonprofit agency founded May 12, 2011 offering free autism services to the community. OASN was founded to facilitate the BEST outcomes™ for individuals with autism through education seminars,

Second Year joining JDRF

We were delighted to join JDRF for our second year at UCF’s Memory Mall for the One Walk.

JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Their strength lies in their exclusive focus and singular influence on the worldwide effort to end T1D.

Spiderman, Wolverine, Qui Gon Jinn, Belle, Gaston, Rapunzel, Star Lord, Cyclops, and Green Arrow had a great day with the children and families.

A Guardian Tradition: Christmas Celebrations with BASE Camp

Tis the season to spread joy and happiness to all the boys and girls. The Guardians of Justice were special guests once again for the BASE Camp Annual Christmas Party. Guardians have participated in their Christmas and Christmas in July party for the past few years.

BASE Camp (Believe, Achieve, Support and Educate) provides a year-round base of support for children and families who are facing the challenge of living with cancer and other life-threatening hematological illnesses by serving not only the children who are patients, but their brothers and sisters too as well as a place of support for children whose parents are in treatment.

Fun Times with OaSN for a Sensory Friendly Christmas

On Saturday, December 3rd, the Guardians of Justice took part in the 6th Annual Outreach autism Services Network (OaSN) Sensory Friendly Christmas Party in Ocala, FL. OASN is a nonprofit agency founded May 12, 2011 offering free autism services to the community. OASN (formerly Ocala Autism Support Network), was founded to facilitate the BEST outcomes™ for individuals with autism through education seminars, respite care, social skills classes, referrals, support meetings, events and more.

The Christmas party was structured with 3-4 different activity locations for children to participate in which included a Sensory-Safe Santa,

Small Business Saturday with Caleb’s Crusade

Members in attendance for Small Business Saturday:

  •   Jason – Handler
  •   Monica – Handler
  •   Karissa – Briar Rose
  •   Micaela – Raven
  •   Kailey – Cinderella
  •   Amelia – Harley Quinn
  •   Jared – Beast Boy

On November 26,2016 we were asked to attend the Small Business Saturday in North Fort Meyers. The event was set to benefit two non-profit organizations, the first being Caleb’s Crusade – a charitable organization dedicated to aiding those dealing with the financial hardships of having a child with cancer.