Guardians of Justice Code of Conduct

Purpose of the Council

To make organizational decisions in the best interest of the non-profit organization.

Electing new Council members

An odd number of Council members is preferred so that there is a tie-breaker at necessary times when it comes to decisions.

The Council will vote to add new members to it.

Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Director – Coming soon

Director of Operations – Coming soon

Chief of Logistics – Coming soon

Creative Vision – Coming soon

Removal of a Council member

Removal of a Council member happens with a majority vote within the Council…when the organization or Council deems it necessary to be do so.


      1. Applications are submitted through the website.
      2. New Members must submit all necessary information requested in the application.
      3. New Members must agree to a background check performed by the council.
      4. Applications are reviewed at Council meetings.

Background Checks

      1. Any potential member must not have a criminal record that will interfere with their performance at events involving children.
      2. Traffic incidents are overlooked.
      3. Members may be asked to verify any information that the Council has found unclear resulting from the background checks.

Social behavior

      1. Each member that is considered for approval will be added as a friend on Facebook by at least one Council member
      2. We want potential members to maintain a positive appearance on social media.
        1. Not inciting arguments
        2. A positive outlook

Costume submissions

      1. Costume photos should be submitted via email to or by submitting to the form here.
      2. Photos are expected to be full length and unaltered – including a front and back view.
      3. Costumes submitted should ready to go for events, not requiring additional work in order to be worn.

Allowed characters

      1. The council agrees that costumes should be within the knowledge level of children and most adults.
      2. Heroes, Villains, Princesses, Adventurers, Sci-fi characters, Anime characters (within the knowledge of young adults and children), and other cartoon characters.
      3. We expect costumes that are approved to be of reasonable likeness to the character in which they are portraying.
      4. Costumes should utilize quality makeup, wigs, and fabrics
      5. Tattoos and piercings are cool. Many of us have several. If your character does not have Gauges, visible tattoos or facial piercings, please expect to cover or remove them if asked. Many institutions like hospitals and certain charities have zero tolerance. If your character has Tats, say a pirate, (Jack Sparrow) please ask the coordinator to check for appropriateness of tattoos.

Approval Process

The Council will discuss the costumes submitted at the scheduled monthly Council Meetings (usually held in the second week of each month)

Characteristics not allowed

      1. Mash-Ups are not allowed
        1. Mash-Ups are considered costumes that combine two-unlikely characteristics. IE, Mortal Kombat Elsa, Zombie Batman, Steam-punk Ariel, and so on
      2. Gender-Bending is not allowed
        1. Gender-bent costumes are described as costumes that take a known-male or female character and making them the opposite. IE, a female Riddler, male Maleficent.
      3. Costumes must be approved by the Council. While we are not expecting rigorously close canon on all costumes, it is the expectation that your costume give you a reasonable resemblance to your character.
      4. Costumes submitted should know to be child-appropriate.
      5. Gender-bent costumes will be approved on a case-by-case situation. The reason for this is that we do not wish to confuse children with showing them a character that is not accurately portrayed.

Minimum requirements

      1. A new member must attend an event within the first 4 months that are available upon joining…We understand that there may be an issue with obtaining this, but as long as an open channel of communication is happening with the council, precautions will be made.
      2. Members that have become inactive due to not attending events nor communicating with the council, will be removed from the organization and must reapply in order to return.
      3. We understand that there may be costume issues, but there is always a need for handlers at all events.
      4. We also understand that some members are from outside of the Orlando area, but our current focus is Orlando and nearby areas (including Clermont, Lakeland, Bartow, and Auburndale, so far), we may expand further out in the future.

Costume assignments

No last minute costume reassignments…once your costume has been mentioned in the group as your assigned character, please do not change it.  If your costume is not ready to go, do not have it listed in our approved costume album…photos are easily added and removed…just let a council member know.


If you are under-the-weather, or not feeling well on the day of the event or prior to, please inform a council member at least 24 hours prior. It is often that we would rather you get better, than to attend the event less than 100%. BUT this needs to be communicated, not just a “no show.”

Organization Operations

      1. We would appreciate full participation when it comes to events such as the GoFundMe, as the full purpose of such operations is to be benefit our members and the kids that we serve. We are a team and should function as such.
      2. Each member is a voice for our organization, please feel free to share anything from our website or social media networks. It’s desired.
      3. Feel free to recruit new members.


Due to our new minimum member guidelines, we require that members must have attended an event as a character or handler in order to receive a t-shirt.

    1. Any inappropriate comments, verbal bashings, or negative comments within the Facebook Group or Fan Page will be deleted by a Council member. First, they will be screenshot and saved as a reference to the member.
    2. Members are expected to be understanding when it comes to character selections for events. Costume selection is conducted by the Council depending on the event needs with fairness to the members available to attend. Do not be offended that your character isn’t selected for a single event, everyone will have the opportunity, we will not be observing “first-come-first-serve” or “whose costume is better”. Issues with costume selection will not be tolerated. If you can’t wear the costume you want, you are more than welcome to attend as a Handler.
    3. In a group event, if you mark that you are attending, you will be assumed to be attending. Please do not mark MAYBE, as we need final attendance numbers for Character assignments and feedback to event coordinators.
    4. In the event of a no call/no show for an event, disciplinary action is to be expected.
    5. Follow ups will be conducted prior to events to ensure attendance, to assign Characters and for further event planning.

During event planning process

      1. When you sign up for an event, the Chief of Logistics will make the decision as to which costumes will be worn and by whom. We are trying for a fair sharing of time in character, but there may be multiple people with the same character. You may list your preference in a private message, but not on the event sign in.
      2. If you find that you unable to attend the event in which you have been assigned, then you must give 12 hour notice to a council member, stating the reason, this communication is extremely important.
      3. Please volunteer and be ready to wear a council assigned costume to an event. Any changes in costume or design need to be approved prior to the event. So please keep the costume age appropriate and all anatomy properly covered. Men and women, dance belts are advised for form fitting Spandex. No butt cheeks or heavy cleavage, and please, no anatomy lessons for the kids or shows for the adults. Failure in this will only be cause for being asked to step back into street clothes and act as a handler.

In costume

      1. During Event
        1. Changing areas will be lined up whenever possible but are not guaranteed. We DO NOT change in the open or where we can be seen. This is a professional situation and group and we wish to maintain the “illusion” in every way possible for the children.
        2. Do not bring guests. Any adult involved with Guardians of Justice must go through a background check and be provided a t-shirt as Handler to attend our events. If an individual is someone’s ride or there for support, please have them avoid the event area for safety guidelines and purposes regarding our client organizations we collaborate with.
        3. During the event, you will be expected to remain calm, professional and reasonably in character.
        4. Please know and have reasonable knowledge of your character. Kids and even adult fans can grill you or challenge you. If you are a Hero, know about your NEW 52 or Marvel/DC ect origins. If you don’t know, think of a reasonable explanation. Ie, The Joker wrecked the Batmobile and you borrowed a car from the police impound.
        5. Please refrain from personal photo shoots during the actual event timeframe as we are there to make interactions with the children and attendees. Any personal photo shoot or images can be taken before or after the event completion.
        6. If you become overheated, emotional distraught or overcome and are unable to keep your composure, immediately make a fellow member aware. We will do everything possible to ensure your safety, wellbeing and ability to stay calm and in control.
        7. There will be absolutely no ‘inappropriate, rude/snarky, sexual, flirtatious banter with families, patients or each other before, during or after an event, even if the character does this in the comics/movies/cartoons. Failure to comply will result in immediate suspension and review of situation by the council. NO EXCEPTIONS!
        8. By all means interact with the people. In character.
        9. Sometimes hospitals/charities provide meal tickets and parking validations even complimentary passes to movies, events etc. This is kind, but not expected. It is up to the council if we accept these.
        10. Please come fed and ready to work. Sometimes at events we may be offered food or beverages. It is preferred we don’t eat publically, if possible. Super heroes and characters have to eat, too. If food is given to us, we will try to line up a safe place to quietly eat IN COSTUME or a private place to unmask if possible.
        11. If you find yourself arriving late to an event, please communicate with a Council member or event organizer to be excused from disciplinary action.
        12. Hydrate, Hydrate, hydrate.
        13. Bathroom breaks must be taken in stalls. Gentlemen, no urinals in costume. There is always some idiot that would love to get Batman standing and taking a break at the urinal.
        14. ZERO, which means NO Alcohol, drugs or illegal substances are tolerated. If you are thought to be compromised you will be asked to leave and disciplinary actions will follow with the council.
      2. Post event
        1. We will de-costume in the appropriate area and leave the site in a quiet, calm, professional manner. Loud, rude or unprofessional conduct will be halted immediately by the event coordinator

As handler

      1. Dress Code
        1. If you are a handler, you will be required to wear clean/casual clothing. No ripped jeans, shirts, or shorts should be worn. Close toed shoes are preferred. Hospitals especially prefer close toed shoes. If not closed toed, hard soled in medical settings due to the potential for dropped sharps/needles. Choose wisely. Bare feet are neither allowed nor acceptable.
        2. You will be required to wear a Guardians of Justice t-shirt.
      2. Obligations
        1. Photos and video will be taken during the event, see guidelines for this.
        2. Keep an eye on costumes and ensure their safety.
        3. Maintain crowds for photo opportunities
        4. Ensure that the costumers are able to take breaks when necessary, keep an eye on their well-being.
      3. Photography Guidelines
        1. Please do not crop photos prior to your submission to the Google Drive
        2. If you wish to have your watermark on the images, they must be submitted with edits already done and watermark in place.
      4. Video Guidelines
        1. Take as much as you want.
        2. Footage desired is that of interactions between characters and children.
    1. The Guardians of Justice will be observing a Baseball, “three strikes, you’re out”, mentality when it comes to Disciplinary Actions.
    2. Strike 1 will come in the form of a private verbal warning from the Council.
    3. Strike 2 will be a document stating the member issue added to the Facebook Group’s Files section.
    4. This document will be public to all members of the Guardians of Justice.
    5. Strike 3 will be complete removal from the organization.
    6. Disciplinary actions go in a path of similar situations. If you are late to two events, without prior communication, and have already received a verbal warning for it, you can expect your strike 2.
    7. In the case of sexual harassment or abuse in any manner, this is an automatic Strike 3 and immediate removal.
    1. We have ZERO tolerance for Sexual harassment, in all instances.
    2. If a family member/patient/person in the crowd engages you in this behavior, disengage and report it to the event coordinator or a Council member…Immediately. We understand the inclination is to brush it away, but it must be addressed immediately and professionally. Cosplay/costuming is not consent
    3. Bullying/verbal abuse towards other members/non team members are forbidden and with be dealt with immediately.
    4. Hostile, unpleasant, odd or awkward situations occur. Please bring them immediately to the event coordinator so that they are aware. Hear-say always comes back to the Council and its better we know the situation ahead of time rather than playing detective after the fact.