June Visit to Florida Hospital

This June we had the pleasure of visiting the special children currently admitted at the Florida Hospital for Children. Superman, Wolverine, Batman, Red Hood, Thor, Hawkeye, Jedi and Sith went from ward to warn and room to room spreading smiles across the faces of those who needed it most. Both child and family were happy to see our Guardians, not to mention those working the halls that day. We enjoy our visits and continue to have a relationship with the Florida Hospital for Children. 


Bringing Smiles to the Kids at BrightStart Pediatrics

The Friday before MegaCon Orlando, Guardians of Justice has a tradition of making a very fun and eventful visit to BrightStart Pediatrics. The location on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando is always an easy stop for our characters before heading to a long Convention day. Not to mention, what better way to start the day than to bring smiles to some fantastic children? That’s exactly what Batman, Harley Quinn, Cat Woman, and Supergirl got to do 🙂

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The Holidays at Florida Hospital for Children

At Florida Hospital for Children, your child can receive state-of-the-art care from some of the leading experts in pediatric medicine, including our 120 sub-specialists covering 35+ sub-specialties who work in close concert with one another and your doctor to ensure comprehensive, coordinated care every step of the way.

Our connection with the Walt Disney Pavilion is one that we treasure. On November 29th, we enjoyed our final visit of 2016 to bring smiles and hope to children within the pediatric areas of Florida Hospital. Batman, Harley Quinn, Winter Soldier, a Jedi, and a Sith all roamed the halls of the hospital while being guided by some of the amazing employees of the hospital.

Visiting Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital

The end of our month of August was capped with another wonderful visit to the Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital. Our organization loves having an on-going relationship with the children-focused hospital to allow us to visit and bring smiles to the all of the patients within.

For this particular event, we gathered up a group of heroes, including Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, and a Jedi thrown in to bring a little of the Force to the young padawans. Our characters were met with excitement by both patients and caregivers, alike.

Visits to local hospitals are one of the main reasons that Guardians of Justice was founded and we love being able to bring the smiles to these kids that need them the most.

Walt Disney Pavilion Visit at Florida Hospital Delights Children

On a beautiful Friday Afternoon, a princess and a band of heroes from across the multiverse gathered to visit Florida Hospital South to bring happiness to children and parents.

Once our team of eight arrived, we were were greeted by hospital administration, then divided into two groups and assigned an escort.  The children that we had the opportunity to visit were surprised, overjoyed, and shy – which is always to be expected. Characters like Batman can sometimes be overwhelming to meet in person, but with a little conversation he is always warmed up to.

This specific visit was accompanied by Guardians who were visiting the hospital for the first time,

First Adventure at Camp Boggy Creek

On Monday, June 27th, four members of the Guardians of Justice traveled into idyllic Eustis to visit Camp Boggy Creek. Boggy Creek is a week-long summer camp that seeks “to foster a spirit of joy by creating a free, safe, and medically-sound camp environment that enriches the lives of children with serious illnesses and their families.” And from their sprawling campus to their cheerful volunteers they truly do just that!

Gabby and Connor are two of those cheerful volunteers who escorted our heCampBoggyCreek_3roes via golf cart to the camp’s mess hall for a breakfast visit with the children.

June visit to Florida Hospital

On Wednesday, June 22nd, The Guardians of Justice answered the call and paid a visit to the very brave young men and women staying at the Florida Hospital for Children’s Walt Disney Pavilion. Batman, Green Arrow, a Ghostbuster and Darth Vader were dispatched for this very important mission. Darth Vader, who is no stranger to medical treatments and familiar with the hospital equipment, agreed not to cause any trouble for the day and to do his best to be nice to everyone.
Our Guardians of Justice Heroes were assisted by Florida Hospital Administrator Nussi Afroz as she escorted them through the three floors and various wards of the hospital where they met and interacted with the brave children under the Hospital’s care.

A Super Friday for BrightStart Pediatrics

In the morning of May the 27th a handful of members of the Guardians of Justice stopped by Bright Start Pediatrics for Super Friday! This not so ordinary Friday is a yearly event where patients and staff get to celebrate being super by dressing up and having fun!

BrightStart Pediatrics Super Friday 2016Our visit was off to a rocky start as three heroes and their Smile Maker, Vanessa, waited for what seemed like forever for Deadpool to finished getting ready. As you can see from the photo, we were not amused.

Once Deadpool arrived everyone headed to the infant room to spread some smiles!

A Trio of Smile Makers visit Florida Hospital

On Friday, May 20th The Guardians of Justice answered the call and payed a visit a very brave young man who was staying at the Florida Hospital for Children’s Walt Disney Pavilion. This little hero was recovering from surgery after having a brain tumor removed just the day before.

As The Guardians arrived for their visit he was watching a Spider-Man video on his mother’s phone. Imagine his surprise as Spider-Man himself came into the hospital room to meet him! Spider-Man was joined by Green Arrow and the Green Goblin -who had agreed to a truce for the day with Spider-Man for the sake of the children.

The Force was Strong on May 4th at BrightStart Pediatrics

There was an awakening of the force as an unlikely alliance formed among characters from the dark side and the light as they visited the children at BrightStart Pediatrics Wednesday, May the 4th.  Many of the children wore their Star Wars best –which showed the force was strong with these young ones! The visiting Guardians of Justice roamed room-to-room, meeting and playing with the children under BrightStart’s care.

007_SW_Day_2016082Darth Vader showed his young apprentices how to use the force –with a Jedi on hand to keep a close eye on things in case the force use turned too far to the dark side.