Mission: Make Armani Smile

This past weekend, Guardians of Justice members teamed up for a very special mission to celebrate the life of a 6 year old boy, named Armani Cintron. This little man was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer (Anaplastic AstroCytoma) just over a year ago and is currently battling in Stage 3 after he has MakeArmaniSmile_06went through radiation and chemotherapy. Early last month, January 2016, his family received news from their specialists that the tumor had unfortunately progressed. Without question, this courageous boy – who is aptly known as an active and lively child – was in fierce need of a positive pick-me-up.

Bringing Smiles to BrightStart Pediatrics on a Rainy Day

The weather was stormy and the wind howling as an unlikely alliance formed among characters from Guardians of Justice as they visited the children at BrightStart Pediatrics Friday, January 15th.  BrghtStart_January_2016_13Many of the children wore their superhero best –which really tickled Spiderman and Batman (even though he wouldn’t admit it, he smiled!) as 9 characters and an assistant roamed room-to-room, meeting and playing with the children under BrightStart’s care.

Kylo Ren was happily following his Grandfather, Darth Vader, as they showed their young apprentices how to use the force –with a Jedi on hand to keep a close eye on things in case the force use turned too far to the dark side.

Guardians enjoy a visit to Walt Disney Pavillion

On Tuesday, November 17th, six Guardians ventured to Florida Hospital’s Walt Disney Pavilion to bring smiles and happy distractions. Characters in attendance included Rogue, Merida, Shazam, Green Lantern, Batman, and Black Widow.

If you have never visited the Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital here in Orlando…here’s a little information on the facility. It truly is amazing.

At Florida Hospital for Children is a state-of-the-art, brand-new facility that was created specifically with children in mind. Designed with input from patients, families and clinicians, our hospital caters to our patients’ needs and desires at every angle.

Bringing Smiles to the Children of Walt Disney Pavilion

On Monday August 24th nine members of the Guardians had the privilege and honor of visiting Staff and Patients alike at the Florida Hospital South’s Walt Disney Pavilion. Batman, Robin, Captain Jack Sparrow, Star-Lord, Wolverine, The Tooth Fairy, Giselle, Snow White, and Rogue split into teams and walked the various floors stopping to say hello and bring a smile to everyone they met.

The day was especially exciting since it was the Guardians of Justice’s first official hospital visit and a good reminder of why each and every member volunteers to do what they do. We volunteer to inspire,

Another Happy Visit to BrightStart Pediatrics

The tradition continued on Friday April tenth as The Flash, Superman, Green Arrow, a young Jedi and a toy army man visited with the great kids and staff from BrightStart. BrightStart_April2015_4Our heroes went from room to room in search of smiles and high fives. In the final stop they came across a room of children who were very excited to talk with the visiting heroes and show them around.

Questions were asked and the heroes answered as many as they could while entertaining them with stories and picture taking. Too soon it was time to leave the kids and the real heroes,