On Monday August 24th nine members of the Guardians had the privilege and honor of visiting Staff and Patients alike at the Florida Hospital South’s Walt Disney Pavilion. Batman, Robin, Captain Jack Sparrow, Star-Lord, Wolverine, The Tooth Fairy, Giselle, Snow White, and Rogue split into teams and walked the various floors stopping to say hello and bring a smile to everyone they met.

The day was especially exciting since it was the Guardians of Justice’s first official hospital visit and a good reminder of why each and every member volunteers to do what they do. We volunteer to inspire, support, motivate and empower. We volunteer to bring a smile to someone who may be going through difficulties and in many cases may even be in physical pain. We volunteer to see families light up and get excited about the costumed characters roaming the hallways –and to confuse more than a few Doctors (the running joke with the staff was that our groups were on their way to the Psych ward).

While HIPAA laws and client privilege may mean that we are unable to go into detail about our day each and every Guardian in attendance left the Hospital touched and rewarded. It was a great day to be a Hero and bring smiles to the true Heroes, the children we visited.