On a beautiful Friday Afternoon, a princess and a band of heroes from across the multiverse gathered to visit Florida Hospital South to bring happiness to children and parents.

Once our team of eight arrived, we were were greeted by hospital administration, then divided into two groups and assigned an escort.  The children that we had the opportunity to visit were surprised, overjoyed, and shy – which is always to be expected. Characters like Batman can sometimes be overwhelming to meet in person, but with a little conversation he is always warmed up to.

This specific visit was accompanied by Guardians who were visiting the hospital for the first time, which is always a treat. Characters including a Pokemon trainer, Batman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, two Ghostbusters, Snow White, and a Jedi received many smiles and hugs during their visit.

The Florida Hospital’s Walt Disney Pavilion is a hospital designed from the ground up that is a child-centric healing environment like no other.

“Trekking through a jungle, patients and guests can create melodies on musical step pads while Baloo from The Jungle Book looks on approvingly. They can follow salmon to see Rutt and Tuke of Brother Bear, or dance with sea horses on their way to greet Sebastian and Flounder from The Little Mermaid. A hospital can be an overwhelming place, and we have worked very hard to make each experience special.”

Our relationship with Florida Hospital for Children has been ongoing since the creation of Guardians of Justice and we are happy to say that we continue to grow this relationship. Visiting children in hospitals is one of the main missions of our organization.