On Wednesday, June 22nd, The Guardians of Justice answered the call and paid a visit to the very brave young men and women staying at the Florida Hospital for Children’s Walt Disney Pavilion. Batman, Green Arrow, a Ghostbuster and Darth Vader were dispatched for this very important mission. Darth Vader, who is no stranger to medical treatments and familiar with the hospital equipment, agreed not to cause any trouble for the day and to do his best to be nice to everyone.
Our Guardians of Justice Heroes were assisted by Florida Hospital Administrator Nussi Afroz as she escorted them through the three floors and various wards of the hospital where they met and interacted with the brave children under the Hospital’s care. Our Heroes (and one quasi – Villain) traveled room to room as they checked the patient’s morale and living conditions. All of the patients were of high spirits and reported that excellent care had been taken of them. Ghostbuster Newport pledged to look into a supply run to New York for authentic goodies like pizza and bagels.
Many of the quizzical youngsters did not hesitate to ask questions so they could learn more about what the Guardians do – even on their off time! While they chatted everyone enjoyed a screening of Big Hero 6. Smiles were to be found all around – even from the parents of the patients, who had some of the biggest ones! There was much inquisitive curiosity as the Guardians and even the youngsters showed off their high tech crime – fighting (and in Darth’s case, crime causing) equipment and explained its many uses.
The Florida Hospital staff on hand were extremely friendly and outgoing. It was abundantly apparent that they genuinely care for all their children and the staff even became like children themselves as they clamored for pictures with our group. The Guardians even got the opportunity to do their first yoga pose! It remains to be seen if Darth Vader will stay on the light side, but the visit did serve to recharge everyone’s spirits and the Guardians swore to do their best to keep returning to visit the true heroes, fighters, and lifesavers.