In the morning of May the 27th a handful of members of the Guardians of Justice stopped by Bright Start Pediatrics for Super Friday! This not so ordinary Friday is a yearly event where patients and staff get to celebrate being super by dressing up and having fun!

BrightStart Pediatrics Super Friday 2016Our visit was off to a rocky start as three heroes and their Smile Maker, Vanessa, waited for what seemed like forever for Deadpool to finished getting ready. As you can see from the photo, we were not amused.

Once Deadpool arrived everyone headed to the infant room to spread some smiles! The staff introduced us to a few new faces and we talked about previous visits with the children.

BrightStart Pediatrics Super Friday 2016After the infant room we visited the rooms that the older children are in. Students were present from UCF conducting various therapy sessions -which the Superheroes absolutely interrupted as we laughed and played with the children.

Batman’s cape was a big hit as he practiced his “Dark Night” swoosh, making the cape come out like bat-wings behind him. Some children even hid inside the cape as he wrapped his arms around each other to make a portable bat-cave.

BrightStart Pediatrics Super Friday 2016Rogue was busy skirting the perimeter of the room and convincing the children not-quite-so-sure of the superheroes that they were only in danger if they were evil villains (which, of course, none of them were). One little boy told her all about Darth Vader’s visit for the “May the 4th” event. She promised to tell Lord Vader he said hello.

BrightStart Pediatrics Super Friday 2016Black Widow made a new friend who’s t-shirt featured her comic-book self. They discussed wardrobe outfits and danced. The room was full of laughter as the kids played chase and peek-a-boo

BrightStart Pediatrics Super Friday 2016Deadpool’s swords were swiped right off his back by a three year old boy…and Rogue had to point it out as he ran across the room! Deadpool said the kid must have been a ninja in training because he didn’t even notice they were missing (this is why we make our characters replace their real weapons with plastic replicas…although we aren’t too convinced he left all the real grenades at home).

BrightStart Pediatrics Super Friday 2016Our smile maker, Vanessa, even got to join in on the fun as she held the children and helped keep Batman’s cape from tripping up the kids leaving the “batcave”.

Sadly, it was over all too soon and as we left the children to their lunches and afternoon plans the heroes all agreed, it was a super Friday indeed.

** Photos provided by BrightStart Pediatrics – Click here to see more