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Winter 2015 BASE Camp Christmas Party

This holiday season, the Guardians of Justice attended one of our merriest events yet! On Friday, December 18th, our Smile­ Makers came together for BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation’s annual Christmas Party.BaseCamp_Winter_2015_48 The event was full of holiday spirit with children and families alike celebrating Christmas and the end of another great year.

BaseCamp_Winter_2015_64Guardians of Justice teamed up with our friends from Once Upon a Party to bring around 28 characters to join us for this festive event! Princesses including Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel were there posing for photos and dancing the night away with the kids.

First Annual Autism Burns Fall Festival

In the afternoon of Sunday, November 8th, Guardians of Justice answered the call to support Autism Burns- Firefighters for Autism Awareness. These brave first-responders hosted their Fall Festival atAutismBurn_2015_58 the Orlando Fire Museum to provide family fun and raise autism awareness.

Firefighters for Autism Awareness works to enable healthier, happier and more productive lifestyles by utilizing firefighters experiences and networks to assist families with support, education, and coping with the challenges of raising children on the autistic spectrum.

AutismBurn_2015_79Our Guardians had a fantastic time at the event.

Autism Walk and Family Fun Day by Autism Society of Greater Orlando

On Saturday, May 30th, The Autism Society of Greater Orlando hosted their 10th Annual Autism Walk & Family Fun Day and Guardians of Justice was there to cheer on and meet the nearly 3,000 participants. ASGO is a volunteer organization that works to better assist families of children and adults with autism in the Central Florida area.

asgo_autismwalk_2015_23The North Concourse of the Orange County Convention Center was filled with excited families- all there to raise awareness for autism and have a great time. Batman, Night Wing, Space Ghost, Captain Jack Sparrow, Raven, The Punisher,