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Easter Spent With the Guardians at VillageWalk

Our Guardians followed colored eggs back to the community of Village Walk to help participate in their annual Easter festivities on April 15th.

 Our wonderful princesses and the always self complementing Gaston,  traveled from their respective castles to come play with the families of the Village Walk community. The event started with a bunny hop sack race where we cheered on the little hoppers.
Then began the hunt! The hunt for eggs that of course held the best surprise of all candy! Our Guardians assisted the children in their search efforts for the eggs,

Bringing Up Down Syndrome with Manasota BUDS

On October 22nd the Sarasota Squad members of Guardians of Justice had the opportunity to attend the Manasota BUDS walk at Hunsaders Farm for the first time. Our organization was happy to being a Manasota Buds with Guardians of Justice 2016relationship with this group as we have spent two years participating in events with the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida.

The Manasota BUDS (Bringing Up Down Syndrome) organization, provides families with a neutral supportive forum for sharing and networking, and to promote understanding and acceptance of Down Syndrome. They host an annual walk to bring the community together and raise money for programs and services for the individuals/families that have Down Syndrome.

First Event for Sarasota Branch – Easter Egg Hunt at Village Walk

Saturday March 26th the Guardians partnered with Village Walk of Sarasota, for their annual Easter egg hunt. The rain stayed away so that some fairy friends could fly, Batman even came by all the way from Gotham City!

VillageWalk_Easter_2016_11Village Walk has major holiday events throughout the year that help bring the families that live in the community together, as well as have some grandparent time! The Village Walk administrative staff holds events that help other charity organizations such as; Toys for Tots, Cookies for Troops and more.

When our Guardians arrived they were greeted by over 200 children,

Great Fun Had at Nathaniel’s Hope Make ‘m Smile!

On Saturday June 6, 2015 in Downtown Orlando at Lake Eola Park, Nathaniel’s Hope hosted an annual community festival celebrating kids with special needs. The Nathaniel’s Hope mission is to share hope with kids with special needs (VIP kids) and their families. This event was the 13th Annual Make ‘m Smile festival with over 40,000 in attendance!NathanielsHope_2015_13 The Guardians of Justice were there to help Empower, Inspire, Motivate, and most importantly support the children.

Our Guardians partnered with Bright Start Pediatrics who were among hundreds NathanielsHope_2015_7of other supporters for the festival. As the day began children and their made their way around the park,