The weather was warm, the sun was shining and five unlikely heroes met up with volunteers from Orlando Outreachers for a Summer sports day held exclusively for local at-risk children and teens last Saturday, July 18th.

We had two amazing bounce houses, a dunk tank and multiple carnival-style arcade games. Face painting and balloon twisting was a hit. Soon Hulks, Ironmen and various Faries and Kitty Cats ran around with balloon swords, hats, and animals. A few of the children challenged Rogue, Cyclops, and Green Arrow to duels while our Portal Lab worker and test victim –er, we mean subject, tested the long fall boot design (known to us common folk as stilts) around the event area.

Nachos were served and ice cold waters, coca-cola, and capri suns waited for thirsty event goers. Everyone was excited when Jeremiah’s Italian Ice pulled in –their chilled treats were exactly what the blistering hot day needed!  Rogue had a few other ideas about cooling off as she shed her boots and climbed into the dunk tank to give the volunteers a break from splashing into the water.  Green Arrow showed off his marksmanship as he tossed softballs at the red lever, dropping her into the cool water repeatedly. Cyclops was told he couldn’t use his laser vision, so he settled on convincing one of the volunteers to push the lever and make her fall in.

All said the event was a sweaty, fun mess and the smiles of the kids who were able to come out and enjoy it made even the heat worthwhile!

*Because this particular foundation deals with families and children who may be victims of domestic violence we did not take any photos to avoid disclosing information about location or current residents. All individuals seen on film were volunteer staff*