The Lake Wales Public Library was the site for 78 parents and children graduating on Thursday, July 16 from the Superhero Training Academy.

SuperHeroTraining_2015_2The cadets had to complete a checklist of six tasks. The first assignment was the creation of their capes and masks then faced the following challenges… Our heroes-to-be had to practice their Spidey skills rescuing the baby by crossing a flaming pool over a very narrow bridge and back. Then it was Superman strong as they worked to lift the mighty muscle weights FIVE times. Endurance was tested as cadets maneuvered barefoot over the LEGO walk of fire and progressed to a test of skill. Inspired by Hawkeye, candidates sharpened their aiming skills hitting the targets with bean bags. The final task involved improving speed on Flash’s agility course. Once the inner tubes were mastered, each trainee zigzagged through the cones to victory.

SuperHeroTraining_2015_1Laughter, encouragement and excitement filled the room as the uniquely decorated caped cadets completed each task. Happy to announce that all our potential superheroes passed and were presented with a York Peppermint Patty medal and took graduation pictures with Black Widow and Batman from The Guardians of Justice (Katarina Whitmarsh, Jim Moore).

Kara, the staff and volunteers thanked everyone for joining them this summer for Every Hero Has A Story Summer Reading Program and reminded the new superheroes that “everyone has a superhero inside them waiting to be discovered”.