For the month of August (2017), the Guardians converged upon the city of Lakeland. Their journey brought them to a large building constructed of white marble, believing they had been invited to a spaghetti dinner hosted by a kindly Fraternity of Brothers.

Our heroes, not knowing what to expect, were very cautious to enter. For this was no ordinary Fraternity the building sheltered, this Lodge belonged to the secret society known as the “Freemasons “. The Guardians of Justice had assembled a talented team and were ready for what may await them inside. “66 Batman and U.S Agent were first to enter the halls, prepared to meet any adversaries that may be lurking within. Our Jedi Master and Dr. Strange kept an alert eye peeled in the event anything out of this world was there to engage the group. Deadpool scanned the room for secrets, but alas they were cleverly hidden. If the affair called for diplomacy, Prince Charming and Snow White were on hand with powerful magic to rescue anyone from evil. Yet, this was all for not as the group was greeted by the Master of the Lodge who implored the Heroes to aide him in his time of need. He explained that this dinner and many others like it were used to raise money for local charities (Lighthouse Ministries and Talbot House), a number of which aide the homeless in the community. However, the crowds for the dinner had slowly been disappearing and with them the means to help others. The Master of the Lodge went on to explain that he had invited a sizable group of families and children for that evening’s dinner and asked if the heroes would stay to entertain them.

With these words resounding in their minds, this gallant group of Guardians stayed for the evening greeting guest as they arrived and conversing with others while they enjoyed their dinner. Showing that a true hero comes not from agility or brawn, but by one willing to reach out and help others who are in need.