On September 24th the Guardians of Justice attended the First Annual Dimas Life Kids Run, this event was put together by the parents of Dimas Armani who created Dimas Life. This is an organization that, not only honors the life of Dimas, but helps support childhood cancer patients and spread awareness.

Dimas Armani was an amazing child that the Guardians got a chance to know very well. He was my nephew and I am a veteran Guardian member. Guardians of Justice were there from the moment of his diagnosis to the moments where his illness took a toll on him. When his father reached out and asked if we would be a part of this event, we jumped at the chance.

We were there to give medals with Armani’s face on them to the kids running in the 5k. Wolverine even took up the challenge and ran alongside the kids when they felt they couldn’t keep running. Maui and Superman danced. Then we stood on stage honoring those battling cancer currently and reminded them that they are not fighting alone.

To find out more about the Dimas Life org and how you can help visit https://dimaslife.org/