With our organizations one year anniversary (since relaunching in April of 2015) came an amazing and exciting new development: Guardians of Justice is a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization.

What does this mean for our Volunteers? Volunteers who itemize their taxes can speak to their personal accountant about eligible deductions for attending our events. Including mileage!

What does this mean for our Sponsors? Sponsors who make contributions can now deduct those contributions from their Federal income taxes. Because we are now 501c3 accredited we can open ourselves up to accepting partnerships with corporate sponsors as well as accepting contributions from local businesses and individuals.

What does this mean for the Children? Because we are now a fully accredited nonprofit we can continue to bring smiles everywhere we go. In fact, this amazing development sets us on a path to bigger and better events for young and old alike!

Guardians of Justice is “legit”! Thank you for your continued support in all of our endeavors!

Would you like to donate : http://guardiansofjustice.org/campaigns/general-funds/

Join : http://guardiansofjustice.org/join-us/

Have an event for us to attend : http://guardiansofjustice.org/event-requests/