Even a cloudy day couldn’t dim our smiles.

Guardians of Justice were extremely happy to be invited back to the Autism Family Fun Day at Central Florida Dreamplex in Clermont, Florida. On Saturday, April 2nd 2016 an array of characters assembled to partake in the festivities.

AutismFamilyFunDay_2016_11We saw many of the same faces from last year, including some furry friends like Winkie –the Autism service dog from Dream Acres for Autism and Rommy –a miniature horse with a great mission to help people (we first met him at the Autism Burns Fire Fighting event in Orlando!).

Although the weather forecast projected just a drizzle the clouds gathered, turning darker and darker overhead as Darth Vader and Kylo Ren reveled in using the force to choke Ron “Bam Bam” Delgado from Red Zone Radio 1410 as he was on air. They were even joined by various Storm Troopers from the 501st in showing the children present the futility of denying the dark side of the Force.

AutismFamilyFunDay_2016_7On the lighter side of things our favorite Ninja Turtle, Raphael, absolutely loved the weather. He was seen jumping, splashing in the puddles, and even dancing in the rain! Zatanna and Captain America joined him for a bit, although they sought shelter underneath Cap’s “Rain S.H.I.E.L.D.”.

Supergirl and Wonder Girl preferred to stay a bit dryer. Supergirl told everyone that if her cape got too wet the Kryptonian fabric would become heavy and make it harder for her to fly home after the event. Wonder Girl used a human device called an “Umbrella” to walk around and view the displays from each vendor.

Batman kept stern watch over both the radio DJ and the Force users from his post beneath the awning…stopping for pictures with Super Denver –who dressed up as Robin with an Autism Awareness cape just for the occasion!

AutismFamilyFunDay_2016_8Hawkeye and Black Widow mingled through the crowd, ensuring Hydra’s threat to festivities was at a low. They couldn’t confirm that Hydra agents weren’t behind the crazy thunderstorm but they did ensure no further nefarious plots were enacted.

As the storm clouds dissipated to a drizzle a few of the heroes tried their hand at the slippery mini-golf course. Because they were given especially short putters hilarity soon ensued –which our handler Carla managed to capture with her rain-proofed camera.

AutismFamilyFunDay_2016_1Another storm band rolled through and everyone took shelter inside. Kids climbed the rock wall and munched on Chick Fil A Sandwiches before jumping into the foam pit or getting their face painted with intricate designs.

There was a DJ inside playing music and much dancing. Children’s laughter rang though the Dreamplex as everyone talked about how much fun they were having, despite the rainy day!