Frequently Asked Questions for Event Coordinators

Regularly we get questions from Event Coordinators when it comes to scheduling our appearances. We wanted to provide this resource in order to help answer these questions for you.

What type of events will Guardians of Justice attend?

Guardians of Justice attend a myriad of community events and charity fundraisers. Our current criteria ask that the event or charity benefit children/children’s causes in some way.

How much do you charge for events?

Guardians of Justice is staffed on a volunteer only basis. While donations are accepted they are never required for our Smile Makers to come out!

Do you attend birthday parties?

Guardians of Justice is a non-profit charity organization and as such does not function as a costuming company for birthday parties or other corporate for-hire functions.

Can we request characters?

Because we are staffed by volunteers who provide their own high-quality costumes, we cannot guarantee specific characters. However, all of our costumes are family-friendly and child appropriate.

How quickly will we know if GOJ is coming to our event?

After submitting your event inquiry, you’ll receive an automated confirmation e-mail letting you know that we have received your request. Events are reviewed monthly by our Council every second Thursday of the month. Upon acceptance (or in the event we are unable to make it), we will e-mail our response. Should you need us at any point in the interim, feel free to e-mail or send us a Facebook Message.

How much advanced notice do the Guardians need?

The more time we have to get the word out to our members the better. If you know you will have an event in the coming months, or even have a date for an event a year from now, go ahead and submit it to us! Our calendar fills up fast and we truly wish we could attend them all.

How much experience do your volunteers have?

Many of our volunteers have backgrounds in child care and charity cosplay work that span decades. Each of our volunteers is vetted and council members are on hand to assist new members during their first few events.

We have circumstances that require pre-approval of costumes (either for religious or other reasons). Is this possible?

GOJ will do our best to meet any specific requirements/requests an event may have. Just let us know in your event inquiry that you are requesting pre-approval of costumes or if there is a specific dress code and we will work to accommodate.

Will the Guardians attend an outdoor event that doesn't provide a changing area?

Yes! We work to accommodate all types of events. Outdoor, indoor, both! Just let us know in the section provided in the event request form that there is no changing area available and our characters will arrive attired.


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