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Project C[hair]ity


Project C[hair]ity holds the purpose of supplying styled wigs to children and families undergoing cancer treatments. Through the gracious donations from Arda Wigs, Guardians of Justice is able to supply these wigs for free to those who need them.

For our initial recruits, we will be contacting local hospitals who wish to assist with our mission to ensure that their VIPs know that they have options. We will be hosting a custom styling/fitting session that is shaping up to be a fun, intimate event.  It is our hope to one day to host this quarterly or bi-annually and continue giving back to individuals in our community in this way!

Losing your hair through the treatment of a disease is difficult enough… We do not feel that it is right to lose money in the search of a bit of ‘normalcy’, too by purchasing a wig. We are grateful that our team member, Cheryl, brought her concept and connection with Arda Wigs to our attention. Read an excerpt of her personal experience below about how this concept was forged into fruition.

Guardians of Justice is looking forward to making tons of smiles through this project! If you know a special someone who is in need of a wig, please share our VIP interest form with them. If you are a hair/wig stylist who would like to volunteer your talents for our cause, please visit the stylist interest form.

“On Christmas Eve, one of my friends asked if I could please style a wig for her mother who is suffering from stage 4 cancer. I found out that she paid nearly $200 for a wig (which is not even as nice as an Arda)… Some could cost even as much as $500.

Some hospitals recommend these wigs probably because they do not know of cheaper alternatives such as Arda. On top of that, they wanted to charge her another $200 to style it! Can you believe that? This person is suffering and is already paying out the nose in medical bills. This made me angry as my husband has also suffered through painful chemotherapy. So, I thought I should do something about it.”