Wayne Ackley

Wayne Ackley

Innovative Technical Nerd and proud of it.

Mr. Ackley possesses decades of technical business architecture expertise, including experience with high level computing, virtual technologies, remote data center management, cloud technologies, large data storage, mobile technologies, firewalls & security, support of classified programs, vendor/supplier agreements, and specialized technical processes.

Wayne’s career includes a myriad of IT roles in Orlando, Florida as the Head of Global IT Operations at Bohemia Interactive Simulations, IT Director/Senior Manager, Corporate IT Support at Bonnier Corporation, (publishers of Popular Science, and Field and Stream), and as the Chief Network Engineer at AST Inc., where he designed and built the US Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation’s (PEO STRI) IDE network infrastructure for OneSAF/Future Combat Systems and CTIA/L2T projects – the United States Army’s next generation of war game simulations.

Experience: Artist, writer, sculptor, military trainer, naval shipbuilder, flight simulation engineer, soldier, programmer, electronics engineer, and IT architect.

The advantage of knowing one’s stuff boils down to this:

– Directed and worked on large scale IT projects before & after the Web was created. (The Cloud is and used to be distributed networking.)

– Being experienced with many different and new technologies, I can speak geek, as I am one. I can hold my own with marketers, developers, sales, trainers, and tough clients. This knowledge minimizes mistakes that cost a business not only money, but their valuable reputation.

– I don’t play politics, don’t point the finger, and I don’t care who takes credit. My drive is to move a task or mission to successful completion.

– When the stuff hits the fan, I’m the cool collected guy, diligently eliminating or fixing the source of the problem.

– In a zombie apocalypse, I’m the guy you want on your team.

– I am a active gamer. I worked on “Duke Nukem – Land of the Babes.” I’m playing Batman – Arkham Knight. I’m interested to see how the NVIDIA gaming platform works out.

I love sharing experiences with people. Please contact me if you want to talk shop, find a solution to a tough problem, or if you are in Central Florida – play a round of golf!

Career Notes: Mr. Ackley has extensive US military technical experience. TD – TRADEVMAN in the US Navy (1982-1987), Combat Engineer – Platoon leader in US Army (1995-2003), Flight Simulator Electronics Technician and as Network Manager for Pulau Electronics, Corp. (1993-1996), Technical Support Consultant AT&T (1996-1997), Technical member of N-Space, Inc (1997-2000) in development of the following Playstation games: Rugrats titles for Nickelodeon, Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas, Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes, and Danger Girl.