Guardians of Justice Projects

We strive to continuously add to our Projects list.

Once we have acquired our 501c3 tax-exempt status, we will be growing more and more to help serve the community in as many ways as possible.

Operational Funds

While being a non profit organization, we offer our services at no cost to the community or organization that we work with. However, we also do not expect our members to fork up money in order to volunteer their time.

A small donation to our organization helps us continue to grow, branch out, and treat our members right. Not to mention, it allows us the ability to do more for the community we all do this for.

Project C[hair]ity

An initiative between Guardians of Justice and Arda Wigs to help provide free wigs and styling options to children and families undergoing cancer treatments.

As cosplayers, we know great wig options and are happy to provide these no-cost options to those going through these harsh times.